Biennale in Kapfenberg | 2009.07.31.

Illusions are sometimes very close

Kapfenberg is a very interesting town in Austria where the Ceramic Biennale is organised. This year celebrates it's 5th venue of this ceramic festival, so it is a very important award for the region. At this time several artist sent his artworks to the jury and finally 70 objects was selected to the end. The major theme was Illusion as a base for creation, but there was no any limit in terms of realesation. So many young ones entered, but the main role was more for well known artists like Netty van Osch, Helene Kortner, Charles E. Birnbaum. Hungarian ceramist were also exhibited, Zoltan Lubloy with Cactoo vase & Lilian Ildiko Kovacs with a life sized hand-built sculpture.

Young Ceramists in the game

Kecskemet, Hungary | 2009.08.02.